Data Elaboration Center (CED)

MICAS (Mediterranean Institute of Culinary Art of Sicily)

The Data Elaboration Center is the heart of CoRFiLaC’s information technology system. The study of dairy sector has a data processing connotation, in order to guarantee the interaction of different CoRFiLaC sections, for an integrated elaboration of the research results.

It receives data and information of different nature from internal and external sources of CoRFiLaC:

  • oroduction data and cows’ events collected through DHI test-day controls from the farms in all over Ragusa territory
  • analytic data proceeding by the different CoRFiLaC’s laboratories
  • scientific-experimental activity results developed by different sectors
  • surveys linked to the PDO certification and to the experimental protocols of the Consortium
  • data linked to the spreading activity of the scientific research made by Extension Service

Furthermore CED, other than to guarantee the functioning of the CoRFiLaC processing data, looks after:

  • developing software for the internal management needs (laboratories, PDO certification, experimental dairy, administration, extension service) and for CoRFiLaC research project.
  • elaborating cows production and re-production data that allow of optimizing breeding management in Ragusa territory.
  • elaborating, statistically, experimental protocols data in order to improve the fruition and spreading of scientific research results.
  • managing and updating web services for the farmers according with the Extension Service
  • apply computer vision methods on the dairy chain, from animals to the finished product, through images


The center for elaboration data of CoRFiLaC, to meet the needs of farms, has developed CorfiFarm an app that allows to monitor step by step the status of the analysis. Farmers can see the results of the analysis on video and, if they are interested, download the relative test report in pdf format with the analysis report. This will allow to the farmers to make managerial choices more carefully and in real time.

Go to the farm.corfilac.it link

Consult the publication : Objective estimation of body condition score by modeling cow body shape from digital images


SOFTWARE: BCS the BCS (Body Condition Score) project was born from a collaboration between CoRFiLaC, IPLAB and University of Pennsylvanie as a test dataset available online to the entire scientific community.

Go to the BCS linkProjet BCS

The manual labeling software of the anatomical points of the cow, for the estimation of the BCS, is available for download at the following link  http://www.corfilac.it/bcs/labeller.zip

To use the services of CoRFiLaC (laboratory analysis, on-line services, management consultancy of our technicians, app, etc.) you need to go to the office or contact the 0039.0932-660451 by phone.

Madame Margherita Caccamo, email: caccamo@corfilac.it

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