Experimental cheese plant and the historical Sicilian production

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The historical Sicilian cheeses represent a real pride of the research that CoRFiLaC has carried out since ten years and more. These dying and not very well-known cheeses, thanks to the studies and experimentation, nowadays are very known by the consumers in all over the world.

CoRFiLaC includes an experimental dairy and an aging centre on where, expert cheese makers are able to respect the tradition and to guarantee the reproducibility and the historical continuity of the most important historical Sicilian cheeses.

The research is conducted using traditional systems along with the historic wooden and copper tools; the cheese maker is the absolute actor of the system and he dominates the bio-diversity factors in order to shape and produce unique cheeses.

Traditional technologies are studied step by step, in collaboration with the milk laboratory, in order to verify the effects on the final quality of the product. The objective is of identifying a series of tests that contribute to keeping under control the technological parameters in order to reduce the risks of defects.

Such simple operation is easily reproducible in the farms. An other study of the experimental cheese plant are the traditional dairy processes. CoRFiLaC cheese plant is involved in international projects to valorize the traditional production of other places and these projects are important for an exchange of know how.