Experimental Marketing at the service of producers

CorFiLaC experimental marketing section support Sicilian rural economy to strategically positioning on the market the Sicilian dairy products that are testimonials of the historical and cultural patrimony of Sicily.

The main purpose of CoRFiLaC’s experimental marketing are the consumers, their consumption habits, their expectations, the ever-changing purchasing trends. To understand why and how people consume dairy products becomes an important support for producers of all dairy production sector. The activities of experimental marketing allow to all actors to understand how to improve existing products, what kind of products the market needs, and how to attract consumers to buy these products. It doesn’t exist a method to understand consumers behavior. To understand consumers behavior doesn’t exist a method. Often a greater understanding is obtained only through the application of several methods jointly. The approaches used in addition to mere observation, questionnaires and interviews (focus groups, depth interviews, surveys, choice modeling), goes as far as experimentation (in the field and in the laboratory). Experimentation allows us to understand the relationship between the cause of a choice and the effect it generates.

Experimental Marketing sector is a communication tool that aims to generate awareness around the Historical Sicilian Cheeses to the final consumers. Thanks to the relationships with the media such as social media, TV, press, billboards and to the promotion, public relations and direct marketing activities, today these cheeses are very appreciated.

Countless national and international events to which CoRFiLaC takes part every year. CoRFiLaC activity develops indirect marketing actions, reaching different target of consumers through various projects. An example is the project dedicated to the School World, which involves students of all age groups. To support producers and projects with national and international value, the Experimental Marketing conducts market researches of primary and secondary type, which are the basis for the creation of appropriate marketing strategies.



Msz. Catia Pasta, pasta@corfilac.it

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