MICAS and the Sicilian Regional Dairy Cacioteca


Il MICAS (Mediterranean Institute of Culinary Art of Sicily)

MICAS (Mediterranean Institute of Culinary Art of Sicily) was created by CoRFiLaC (Consorzio Ricerca Filiera Lattiero Casearia) as a research centre focused on the study of Sicily and the Mediterranean basin.

MICAS main purpose is to explore, through taste education, the knowledge of Mediterranean diet, and to study the preparation method of historical recipes and as much as is guarded, in cultural terms, by dishes origins and food structure, form, flavour and colour.

MICAS courses defined as “cultural gastronomy workshops” in order to inform and educate high profile consumers, opinion leaders, journalists, and gastronomy lovers. Such courses are held by great chefs, “grannies”, researchers and experts, all witnesses of Mediterranean raw materials historical memories. Taste experts design didactic, historical and educational pathways on Mediterranean gastronomic traditions and traditional cheeses, on their origins and on their use in historical and traditional culinary art.

MICAS program includes:

  • Live Cheese-making: didactic path within CoRFiLaC experimental dairy-plant to experience the various steps of the Cosacavaddu Ibleo cheese-making process, a traditional stretched cheese.
  • Grunnies’ traditional culinary art: culinary courses targeted to gastronomic culture lovers and aimed not only at promoting the extraordinary quality of Sicilian food with its excellent raw materials, but also oriented to the huge wealth and variety of its gastronomic history.
  • Taste Labs: an historical, didactic and cultural pathway to discover Sicilian dairy peculiarities. Guided tastings based on the use of the five human senses are performed by explaining sensorial and organoleptic features of Historical Sicilian Cheeses, and paired with Sicilian wines and artisanal beers.
Sicilian Regional Dairy Cacioteca

The “Sicilian Regional Dairy Cacioteca” is a centre established by CoRFiLaC and its purpose is to establish the right conditions “not to forget” our time-honoured cultural heritage, inherited from expert men and women who branded the history of the dairy universe.

Within the dairy Cacioteca, the traditional Sicilian historical Cheeses aging systems will be recreated, but not only.

Our “Sicilian Regional Dairy Cacioteca” has been designed as an “expo centre” as well, with easily accessible guided tours for consumers, journalists, opinion leaders, operators in the field and especially the world of education.

The dairy Cacioteca is located next to the premises of the Institute, within a two-underground levels ultramodern structure equipped with 12 aging rooms and it is meant to be the research centre where CoRFiLaC equipe, will work to investigate cheeses aging and refinement in native climatic and environmental conditions, that is those belonging to the old typical aging environments.

In addition, our “Teatro del Gusto” (the Taste Theatre) will enable great chefs and “grannies” from all over the world to present and make visitors taste, during specific events, the extraordinary food-and-wine local peculiarities.

The dairy Cacioteca is also equipped with “Accademia della Terra” (Earth Academy), a laboratory open to the public and addressed to institutions and operators in the field for guided cultural tastings aimed at discovering the knowledge and flavours biodiversity of Historical Cheeses paired with great food-and-wine products (bread, wines, beers, oils, jams …).


Ivana Piccitto, piccitto@corfilac.it