Extension Service

The extension service is an important part of CoRFiLaC, it was thought up to gather producer’s needs and understand their future requirements.

The Extension service involves in its experimental protocols over 300 dairy farms, producing more than 50% of Sicilian milk for productive and reproductive data analysis. The data, which are processed in real time in collaboration with CED (Centro Elaborazione Dati), are communicated to farmers offering them scientific and technical support for management decisions.

Much attention is placed on programs about:

–           forage quality and their conservation’s systems,

–           reproduction efficiency,

–           milk quality,

–           foot diseases,

–           cow comfort.

To satisfy farmers’ requests, CoRFiLaC developed the  CorfiFarm an application developed in order to allow to the users to control step by step analysis status. The farmers can consult on line analysis results’ with the relative test report.

This app permit to the farmers to make management decisions in real time.

Go to the link: farm.corfilac.it


To support the farmers was created the “Nutrition and management on line”, “NuMoL.

NuMoL is a program that represents an innovative way to help people “think ahead” and meets the needs of most technological farms giving them an opportunity to compare themselves with the outside world.

NuMoL was created to eliminate territorial boundaries and to be able to use in real time data analysis and advice from experts working for the best qualified research centers in the world and Universities. It is used both to solve hard farm problems and to verify on line the experimental protocols and their effects on animals or products.

CoRFiLaC mission is to inform and train the farmers. Training is daily with CoRFiLaC technicians and periodically with specialized course in “management and reproduction of dairy cows system” to train producers and technicians from all part of Italy.

For any further informations on lab analysis, on line services, management expert advice, please contact the following number 0932-660499/451


Mr. Giuseppe Azzaro, azzaro@corfilac.it