Certificazione DOP

PDO (Product Denomination of Origin) certification is a quality brand that is attributed to the food with qualitative and peculiar characteristics originated by the territory of origin. The geographical environment (climate) includes both natural factors (climate, environmental characteristics) and human factors (production techniques hand down from generations). These factors combined together, permit to obtain a unique product. To obtain the PDO certification it’s necessary that the production system must to be in a delimited geographical area and that the producer must to be follow the production specification. The respect of the rules is guarantee by the inspection body.

CoRFiLaC has been appointed by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies (MIPAAF) as Certifying Body for conformity check of the production protocols specific for the Ragusano and Sicilian Pecorino PDO (Product Denomination of Origin).

The recognition process is structured in a number of forced steps such as:

  • Checking farms facilities;
  • Checking technological standards;
  • Sampling collection for sensory analysis;
  • Sampling collection for chemical analysis.

The commissioned laboratory (ACCREDIA n. 0316 according to the UNI EN ISO/IEC 17025) of CoRFILaC performs the analysis on cheeses for total solid, salt, and fat.

The Certifying Body has two main tasks:

–  To verify that producers strictly follow all the rules indicated within the production protocols by a team of technical supervisors;

–  To evaluate the requirements needed to issue the PDO recognition by a Certifying Committee.

Procedure for obtaining the PDO certification for  Pecorino Siciliano DOP and Ragusano DOP

PDO Certification Data 2017
Certification Ragusano AOP

Certification Ragusano AOP

Certification Ragusano AOP

Année 2017

N° Forme Marchiate 12395
Tonnellate Formaggio Marchiato circa 190,1
Operatori aderenti al sistema di controllo 45
Certification Pecorino Siciliano AOP

Certification Pecorino Siciliano AOP

Certification Pecorino Siciliano AOP

Année 2017

N° Forme Marchiate 8079
Tonnellate Formaggio Marchiato circa 66,6
Operatori aderenti al sistema di controllo 29

The PDO Certification Stakeholders

There are three types of actors involved in the PDO production: milk producers; cheesemakers, and people operating in the cheese aging process.

Each of these actors should be signed up in a category register (Milk producers register, Cheesemakers register, and Cheeese aging register) and follow the specific guidelines in order to obtain the PDO recognition.

To be part of the system, a strict collaboration among the professional figures is needed to obtain the PDO recognition.


PEC, dop@pec.corfilac.it
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Mrs. Campo Patrizia, e-mail: p.campo@corfilac.it

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